Terms and Conditions

1. The organiser, The Rotary Club of Farnham Weyside, accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any accidents, injuries, loss or damage to property and possessions, howsoever caused. Runners and spectators attend, participate and spectate entirely at their own risk.

2. By signing the entry form or entering on-line an entrant is accepting all these terms and conditions.

3. No fees are refundable under any circumstances, except when an application is declined by the organisers. Fees received from applicants who do not eventually run will be treated as a donation to charity.

4. Entries are non-transferable between runners or between events, and cannot be deferred to a later year’s event – except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the organiser.

5. The organisers will do their best to ensure that reasonable safety conditions are provided and will provide both a good communications system between marshalling points, and a qualified First-Aid service at base.

6.  Runners agree to obey all instructions as posted at base, as announced before the start and as given at any time during the event by marshals or the Police. This is particularly important when on, or crossing, the public roads.

7. Support around the course will be withdrawn by 4.00 p.m., after which no marshals will be on the routes, although some, but not all, facilities will be available at the finish until 4.30 p.m.

8. A baggage facility will be provided and the organisers will take care to secure possessions, but no responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage.

9. Race-numbers are non-transferable. Race number bibs must not be altered, cut, folded or obscured, and must be visibly displayed at the front of the runner throughout the course.

10. The course is not suitable for wheelchairs although many viewing points are accessible by road. The course is not suitable for following cycles, prams or dogs (except guide-dogs, or with explicit permission from the race organisers). The course passes through places where livestock and horses may be encountered so that due caution should be exercised.

11. Data Protection. Farnham Pilgrim Marathon Privacy Policy v2

Any personal data will be used only for the administration of the event (including minimal data for use by any sub-contractor such as a chip-timing company), and will be kept strictly within the records of the event-organising team, including in the form of computerised data, and may be used by the organisers for the distribution of information about future events. Any photographs or video taken of any participants may be used by the organisers for the purposes of publicity or illustration of any Pilgrim event-related media. No personal data, including addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, will be transferred to any outside organisation without prior approval of the individual.

12. Runners are advised against the use of non-essential ear-pieces on the grounds of safety, because they interfere with the hearing of announcements, instructions from marshals, and road traffic.

13. The organisers reserve the right to change these conditions at any time. Any changes  will be notified via this website (www.farnhampilgrim.org.uk), so you are advised to check periodically for updates.

14. Sponsorship. The organisers offer a refund of the entry fee to any competitor who submits over £100 in sponsorship, whether or not they actually participate in or finish the course, if they send a completed sponsorship form and a cheque payable to: “The Rotary Club of Farnham Weyside”. Please send these to:

        The Treasurer, RCFW, “The Stumps”, 4 Wicket Hill, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 4RD.  

15. Marshals and water stations will be at strategic points throughout the routes. Whilst the organisers will endeavour faithfully to indicate the route directions, participants are responsible for following the indicated route.

16. Entrants with medical conditions that may affect them at the event are required to indicate these on the back of their race bib, so that it is evident in the event of the need for medical attention.

17 The organisers reserve the right to deny entry to, and to disqualify any participant for failing to accede to any of these conditions.

18. Minimum ages apply: Full Marathon entrants must be 18+, Half-Marathon entrants must be 17+ (AAA recommendations)

19. Decisions made by the Race Co-ordinator are final.

(c)Rotary Club Farnham Weyside Rules 2022